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Exploring the Unique Charm of Sariska Tiger Reserve

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Sariska Tiger Reserve

The purpose of “Tiger Reserve” is to protect the endangered species of tigers, especially the Royal Bengal. This initiative was started in the early 1970s by the Government of India with the collaboration of the State Governments. Tigers are the apex predators and are considered an indicator of a healthy environment. Protecting the tigers is not an option but a necessity for the conservation of many other endangered species. The Sariska Tiger Reserve is a part of that initiative that was started in 1979.

Sariska National Park

Sariska National Park also known as Sariska Tiger Reserve is situated in the Aravalli Range of the state of Rajasthan, India. This reserve stands as a bastion of conservation effort and it is aimed to protect the majestic Bengal tiger, popularly known as Royal Bengal Tiger. Established in 1978, Sariska National Park is one of the oldest tiger reserves in India. Spread over 882 sq. Km., this flamboyant forest area encompasses dry deciduous forests, scrublands, grasslands, and rocky hills. This vast and diverse forest area provides shelter and food for a wide variety of wildlife including tigers, different species of deer, macaques, and leopards. In addition to tigers and other variety of wildlife, Sariska is home to over 200 species of birds. You can find enough numbers of reptiles and amphibians

The main specialty of this tiger reserve lies in offering a protected habitat for the Bengal tiger which permits tourists to catch a glimpse of this majestic creature. Visit this beautiful forest anytime between 1st October to 31st March. Get details on Sariska National Park.

Initiatives taken by Sariska Tiger Reserve to preserve the majesty  

In Sariska Tiger Reserve, many essential initiatives are taken to make this protected area a heaven for the iconic big cats and some of those initiatives include the following:

  • Tiger Population Rehabilitation: This national reserve is running a successful tiger reintroduction program and it aims to repopulate this tiger reserve after the tiger population has declined dramatically. With the help of strategic conservation efforts and vigilant monitoring, there has been a gradual increase in the population of tigers in Sariska. Thus this initiative signifies a triumph in the battle against the extinction of the tiger.  
  • Preservation of the Habitat: Sariska National Reserve encompasses a diverse range of habitats and it includes dry deciduous forests, grasslands, and rocky hills that offer an ideal environment for the tiger to thrive. Rigorous habitat management practices ensure the preservation of many essential resources, for example, water sources and various types of prey species which is vital for sustaining a healthy tiger population.   
  • Ecotourism and Safari Experience: Sariska provides immersive safari experiences and allows visitors to embark on guided excursions through the dense forest of the reserve in search of the elusive tigers. There are experienced guides in the reserve who provide you with invaluable insights into the behavior and ecology of tigers. It offers the visitors a deeper sense of appreciation for the majestic creature and their habitat.
  • Conservation Education and Awareness: This tiger reserve is also associated with various types of educational programs and initiatives. Those educational programs are aimed at raising awareness about tiger conservation and the essence of preserving biodiversity. The tourist of Sariska also gets the opportunity to participate in interactive workshops and presentations. This participation of the visitors can foster a sense of stewardship and responsibility towards wildlife conservation. 
  • Research and monitoring: Sariska tiger reserve is a hub for various scientific research and monitoring projects which is mainly focused on understanding the behavior of the tiger, its population dynamics, and ecological interactions. Nowadays, various types of cutting-edge technology are available such as camera traps and GPS collaring. It also facilitates various types of data collection and analysis, informing conservation strategies and management decisions.   
  • Community involvement and Sustainable development: This national reserve also collaborates with local communities to foster sustainable livelihoods and mitigate the conflicts between humans and wildlife. This reserve also ensures the harmonious coexistence between humans and the tigers. Apart from that, there are some community-based programs, for example, eco-tourism ventures and livelihood training programs. These programs help in empowering the local people to become stewards of tiger conservation. 

Visit Sariska Tiger Reserve to know the nature of the forest and wildlife closely. Grab the offers of an experienced tour organizer like Sariska National Park . Their services are available online. Book tiger safaris and resorts online in advance and spend your vacation with nature and wildlife in style.

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