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Sariska National Park: A Gem of India’s National Heritage

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Sariska National Park

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary, Sariska National Park, and Sariska Tiger Reserve are the different names of the famous Sariska forest area. It’s just 50 Km from Alwar and conveniently accessible from New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and other major cities.

Sariska National Park is nestled in the lush landscape of India and it certainly holds a prominent place among the renowned protected areas of the country. This national park is a significant destination for many nature enthusiasts, photographers, researchers, and tourists. Every year thousands of people arrive at Sariska National Park from far and wide to experience its plethora of features and attractions.

Exploring the rich diversity of Sariska National Park

The Majestic Royal Bengal Tiger is the star attraction of Sariska. But nature has blessed Sariska National Park with a plethora of wildlife. Take a look:

  • Biodiversity Hotspot: This national park is famous because of its remarkable biodiversity. It harbors a wide array of flora and fauna prevalent in the whole region. This park is a home of various rare and endangered species which makes it a crucial conservation land.
  • Rich Flora: The diverse vegetation of this national park ranges from dense forests to open grasslands which supports a vibrant and healthy ecosystem. Tourists from across the world come to this national park to witness an impressive variety of plant species such as towering trees, colorful flowers, and medicinal herbs. This park provides a feast for the eyes and a treasure trove for many botanists.
  • Exotic wildlife: The main attraction of this park is its thriving wildlife population which features some iconic species. Moreover, tourists and wildlife enthusiasts get the opportunity to catch glimpses of sloth bears, jungle cats, striped hyenas, spotted deer, golden jackals, nilgai, four-horned antelopes, langurs, and four-horned antelopes. This can certainly add excitement and intrigue to the explorations of the tourists.
  • Avian Haven: Bird lovers and bird watchers used to flock to this national park to observe its avian residentsand this consists of both the resident as well as migratory species. In this national park, there are vital habitats for various birds and it offers bird-watching opportunities amidst the charming landscape and tranquil surroundings. Peafowl, golden-backed woodpeckers, painted spurfowl, bush quails, sand grouse, crested serpent eagles, India eagle-owls, and many other birds are abundantly existing here. Also, it’s the place with the largest population density of peafowl. While enjoying a jeep or canter safari get these birds captured in your camera. Prominent tour organizer Sariska National Park will arrange a memorable safari for your whole group.
  • Cultural Significance: Sariska National Park is not only famous for its natural wonders but it also holds cultural significance for indigenous communities who are residing in the vicinity. The local communities of this place have a deep-rooted connection with this terrain as it contributes to the cultural heritage of the park which fosters sustainable coexistence between humans and nature.
  • Conservation efforts: This national park also functions as a bastion of conservation efforts with some dedicated initiatives. The main objective of this initiative is to preserve the ecological integrity of the park and safeguard its precious inhabitants. Several conservationists work tirelessly to combat the threats such as loss of habitat, poaching, and conflict between humans and wildlife. These conservationists ensure the long-term sustainability of the ecosystem of the park.
  • Tourism and recreation: This Park welcomes tourists year-round who come to this place. Moreover, this park provides a huge range of activities for tourists such as hiking, camping, wildlife safaris, and nature walks allowing them to immerse themselves in the tranquility of the wilderness.   

Explore Sariska with the most experienced tour organizer

Sariska was declared as the Sariska National Park in 1979. It’s a vast forest area in the Aravalli region extended over an area of 882 sq. Km. Top tour organizers like Sariska National Park offer dozens of services online including instant safari and hotel bookings. Stay in forest resorts with your family and friends in style. A planned tour will make most of your time and money.

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