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Sariska National Park Tiger Reserve Gates: The gateway to the thrilling world of forest and wildlife

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Sariska National Park Tiger Reserve Gates

Once a paradise for poachers, Sariska has transformed into a paradise for forest and wildlife lovers. For several centuries, Sariska was a free-moving zone for Bengal tigers. However, poachers almost finished the tiger population and other wildlife of the area before independence. After independence, with the effort of State and Central Governments, Sariska was declared as Sariska National Part. Preservation of flora and fauna started in the late 1970s. Still, the tiger population was almost invisible. In the early 1980s, Sariska National Park became Sariska Tiger Reserve as well. Today, you can visit any of the two Sariska National Park Tiger Reserve gates to have a glimpse of beautiful nature, wildlife, and birds. Sariska National Park is now a pool of flora and fauna and a safe haven for tigers.

Spotting tigers and beyond

Sariska primary attraction is its Bengal Tigers. It’s a tiger reserve in India and one of the most prominent tiger reserves in South Asia. After several decades of decline, the Project Tiger initiative of the Government of India in collaboration with the State Governments and local communities is a huge success to Sariska Tiger Reserve. While spotting tigers or their signs of presence remains a thrilling prospect to visitors, the park’s beauty is not restricted to Bengal tigers only.

You can avail of Gypsy or Canter Safari to the part through Sariska National Park Tiger Reserve gates at scheduled hours to enjoy the diverse ecosystem of the part including its wildlife, birds, and historical parts. Keep your senses alert and your camera in active mode to capture the wild movements of nilgai antelope, four-horned antelope, leopard, sambar deer, and many more. The forest is also the shelter of almost 200 species of birds including peacocks, owls, eagles, and several migratory birds.

Beyond wildlife and jungle: Explore historical gems

Sariska’ charm is not restricted to its wildlife and jungle alone. This vibrant national park is steeped in history offering glimpses into Rajasthan rich past. Tourists visit the 6th-century Neelkanth temple a historical, mythological, and religious spot with intricate cravings. The Pandupol Hanuman temple holds religious significance to the Hindus. Then, there are the ruins of Kankwadi Fort and Bhangarh Fort, and ancient structures accessible from both Sariska National Park Tiger Reserve gates and gypsy or canter Safari.

Explore Sariska National Park

Sariska National Park Tiger reserve is open to tourists and wildlife lovers from 1st October to 31st March. This part is just 37 Km from Alwar railway station. Most tourists prefer to arrive here by using the railroad that connects all major cities in India. From Alwar, you can take a Bus or Cab to reach Sariska National Park. Direct trains from New Delhi, Jaipur, and Mumbai to Alwar are always available.

You can book a safari in advance online. Two types of Safaris are available here –

  1. Jeep or Gypsy Safari – It accommodates a maximum of 6 tourists.
  2. Canter Safari – It accommodates a maximum of 20 tourists.

Visitors to Sariska National Park can available Sariska Gate passes or Tehla Gate passes. The gates are also called Gate No. 1 and Gate No. 2 respectively.

  • Jeep or Gypsy safari is available from both Sariska and Tehla gates.
  • Canter safari is available from only Tehla gate.

Sariska gate is more popular than the Tehla gate as the demand for jeep safari is higher than for canter safari. Advanced booking is meant for last-minute rushes and complete peace of mind. Advanced booking online also includes passes for Sariska National Park Tiger Reserve gates and several other facilities like well-maintained accommodations according to your budget and other necessities.

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